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Fear of the Unknown During Covid-19

Fear of the Unknown

God gives us peace during these times of uncertainty. And, the fear of the unknown will diminish. Many of you are about to have your state reopened after the Covid-19 epidemic. While some of you may have already had this happen. Some states are opening up all at once, while others are taking it slow. You may be asking yourself, “What if there is another breakout? “or “Is it safe?” The fear of the unknown can cause more damage than the actual outbreak itself.

Fear, anxiety, and depression are real things that some may struggle with from time-to-time. In the New Testament, Hebrews 13:5 serves as a great relief of God’s promise, “he will never leave you or forsake you.” If God said it, who are we to doubt it. Gaining God’s wisdom during this time is crucial. As we go through these statewide changes, remember God will be with you every step of the way.

During The Old Testament times before Christ was born and sacrificed, challenges were amongst those who lived in those times. In Balaam’s second prophecy, Numbers 23:19, the Lord gives Balaam a message to relay to Balak, which reminds Balak that God has never made a promise that he has never kept.

How do You Strengthen Your Faith in God During Covid-19?

We are encouraged through God’s word to be content in every given situation, including what we face today. Prayer and leaning on God will provide you with strength and peace to see you through. Paul talks about this very thing in Philippians 4:12-13. Paul knew the only way to have physical power and fearlessness is through Christ, who strengthens us.

Sadly, some of you may have gotten this virus or know of someone who has passed away during the Covid-19 epidemic. You may have heard many friends and family members say, “may God be with you.” So, what does it mean when Christians say this very statement to you.

Many fellow Christians use this phrase in reference to Romans 8:10-11, where it talks about the Spirit of God living in you. If you have been made right with God, your Spirit will live on forever while your body dies. I pray for all who have lost a loved one during this virus to be filled with peace.

Allow God to Continue to Work in Your Life

As things transpire into the next phase, I pray that you allow God to continue to work in your life. 

One of my favorite poems is called “Footprints”; even though the poem is not technically in the bible, it talks about God walking with us and carrying us in our time of need, which is mentioned in Isaiah 46:4. Walking with God is a lifestyle that we live and can only be received through Jesus Christ.     

If you are tuning in as a new Christian or trying to make sense of God’s word, let’s understand together what God wants from us. God requires us to have confidence in him that he will lead the way. We just need to follow the path that he lays before us. If you need prayers for guidance, ask us, and our prayer team will be in touch with you.

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